Code of Conduct



I Will…

  • Show respect to all game officials, coaches, players, and parents and never act in a manner that would disrespect them, my teammates, the league, or myself. 
  • Follow the direction of the coaching staff. 
  • Display good sportsmanship.
  • Make every effort to attend all scheduled practices and games and will make sure my coach or manager knows in advance if my attendance is not possible. 
  • Play fair, try my best and have FUN!
  • Shake hands with the opposing team and the officials at the conclusion of all games. 
  • Understand that I may be suspended for any violation of this Player’s Code of Conduct.

I Will Not…

  • Argue with or speak disrespectfully to my coach, umpire, teammates or opposing team.
  • Use abusive or inappropriate language. 
  • Taunt or humiliate any other player. 
  • Question an umpire’s call. 
  • Abuse, mistreat or mishandle any CBS Minor Softball league equipment or property. (Example: throwing bats, helmets, etc..)
  • Post negative comments/experiences etc… on social media (see note below).

Internet/Social Media
While the internet is helpful to disseminate a lot of information quickly to a lot of people, it can also be an outlet for misuse and misconduct.  At no time will a CBS Minor Softball league member and/or All Star Team member be allowed to post messages or comments pertaining to any softball item to online chat rooms, blogs, bulletin boards, etc.  This behaviour is unacceptable by any player and may reflect negatively against the reputation and integrity of you, your family and the CBS Minor Softball Association. Message boards that should avoid any comments include, but aren’t limited to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  All negative comments should be reported to your coach, Coordinator or executive immediately and appropriate action will be taken.  CBS Minor Softball league members may post appropriate videos or pictures of team games or positive comments about your team, if desired, but extreme care should be taken when choosing what and where to post. If in doubt don’t post it!.