Welcome & Meet the Organizers

Hi Everyone!

On behalf of the New Executive for CBS Minor Softball, welcome to a brand new season for CBS Minor Softball!

We’ve got the ladies running the show this season...lots of great ideas, drive and enthusiasm to make it a fabulous season for all! Let’s show you the NEW Executive Lineup for the year:

• President – Myself (Jill Warren). I have 2 kids who live at the ball field summertime and this year will be no exception! They’re super pumped for the new season!! We all are. As for me, I love coaching the kids and love playing ball myself. My goal is to be the voice for you all, try to implement any and all ideas that you need help bringing to life. Bring it on! It’s a first time role for me as President and I’m so thankful to have you all stand beside me this season. (and my understanding husband lol...since it’ll be a super busy summer) 😊

• Vice-President – Pam Fagan. 2 kids who love ball (3 kids if you count her husband. Lol). Pam loves coaching and is an avid ball player herself. She’s eager to bring new things to the league and have a voice in it all.

• Secretary- Amanda Upshall. Amanda starting coaching last year and loved it! No children of her own...but she’s a very active aunt at the ball field (and stadium) with her 2 nephews. We’re thrilled to have her onboard and Amanda is bringing some amazing ideas to the table (showing us all up with her knowledge and skills on web designing big time! Ha ha)

• Treasurer – Norine Taylor. Norine has been associated with CBS Minor Ball for many years and does a great job of taking care of finances. We’re thrilled to have her continue with the Treasurer Role. Thanks Norine! (Hopefully we don’t cause you too many headaches this year. lol)

• Field Coordinator/Support Staff – Gerard Tilley. Gerard has given many years as President for CBS Minor, and has decided to step down this year But Gerard isn’t able to get away...and still has a passion for our league. He has agreed to be a vital role in our league in booking field times and coordinating a big event we will be applying to have here in CBS this summer...details to come. Thanks Gerard!

• All-Star Coordinator – Chris LeDrew. Busy with his own business (Ventilation and Sign Experts..little plug for you 😊 ) Chris is eager to get going with the season. Chris has been coaching now for numerous years and no stranger to the playing the fi